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Blair Labeling to Rebrand as Impression Label

The creative, innovative and driven team at Blair Labeling is thrilled to announce a recent rebrand to Impression Label.

Since 1986, Blair Labeling has been providing quality, rapid printing turnaround times and incredible customer service to the people of Colorado. Blair Labeling’s recent merger with Buckley Graphics will allow the company access to cutting edge technology and to become a leader in innovative designs as a unified company. This company is called Impression Label. Impression Label has always been an industry leader in flexographic equipment and has worked hard to change the way flexographic printing is perceived in Colorado. This 2020 merger was the logical next step.

In 2008, Blair labeling became a double-minority owned and operated business and the first flexographic printing company in the state to be owned by a Hispanic woman. Her leadership pushed Blair Labeling to the forefront of flexographic equipment, such as with the first true hybrid digital press, new substrates, and top-of-the-line software. The company has become truly influential in the industry. Meanwhile, Buckley Graphics has been an award-winning and innovative label printing company for more than fifty years. They are industry leaders in design, ideas, and technology. These two leaders coming together to create one company will allow the people of Colorado to enjoy truly innovative solutions in the design, printing and packaging of products.

Impression Label has more than 350 combined years of experience from people of all custom label printing backgrounds. The company’s diversity makes them strong and gives them the ability to find unique and innovative solutions that are designed with customers' needs in mind. With a talented team and state-of-the-art equipment, they are eager to continue serving the good people of Colorado quality printing and labeling services. This merger and rebrand will allow Impression Label to expand and grow and provide more of the excellent printing solutions and customer service you have come to expect from the company to their incredible customers. The talented team is eager to provide future solutions.

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About Impression Label:

For more than three decades, Impression Label has been providing quality pressure-sensitive label printing services to the people of Colorado and leading the way in high-quality flexography printing equipment. With more than 200 years of combined printing experience, Impression Label creates premium labels to help incredible customers create their branding identity. Impression Label prides itself on being reliable, providing the best service, the quickest turnaround times, and the highest quality products and printing solutions. They are unlike any other label printing company in the state and are proud to stand out. Their experience and technology speaks for itself. Learn more at


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